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Bellbrook, OH
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Boys Youth Lacrosse


Good afternoon Bellbrook lacrosse families-

                In light of today’s development with the health restrictions placed on all of us we are announcing that as of today outdoor practices are still allowed to be held.  However if anyone feels unsafe or uncomfortable in having their child attend practices then please stay home.  All coaches have been informed and missing practice for this reason will not be held against anyone.   It is more important that you all are responsible and feels safe for the well-being of your family and our community!

                In addition if you and or your child are not feeling well please refrain from coming to practices so that we all can do our part in containing this virus as best we can!

                Our Southern Ohio Lacrosse league has yet to make a statement on these matters so please stay tuned for more information as we receive it!  Thanks for your support and continued patience. 


Wee Eagles Lacrosse Co-Director Nathan Burchfield



Week 2 Update!

​Hello Bellbrook Lacrosse families!  We had our 2nd Great weekend in a row for Boys Lacrosse!  Getting to play on our own High School field was such a treat and a we had a beautiful day to do it on!

​3/4 D Bellbrook team defeated Miamisburg D team     6-2

​3/4 D Bellbrook team defeated Centerville D team      8-1

​3/4 C Bellbrook team defeated Centerville C team     13-1

​5/6 B Bellbrook team tied Centerville B team              4-4

​5/6 A Bellbrook team defeated Centerville                  4-3


​Great job boys keep up the hard work!



by posted 02/13/2020
HS Boys Lacrosse Info

Anyone looking for information about the HS Boys Lacrosse Team can find it at:



by posted 02/11/2020
Welcome to Bellbrook Lacrosse

Contact us at   with any questions



Looking to Buy Equipment and Don't Know What You Need

We have created a buying guide for those people looking to purchase gear for the first time.  We hope this helps.  Any feedback you have on the buying guide is always appreciated.  To view the buying guide click HERE 


Rule Changes for Equipment Regulations going into effect in 2021 and 2022

See the attached press release on equipment rules changes for goalie chest protectors going into effect for 2021 and field players shoulder pads for 2022.



CDC Issues New Guideline for Youth Concussions

See the attached press release regarding new CDC guidelines on youth concussions


US Lacrosse Membership - All players are required to be members of US Lacrosse.  A 1 year member ship is $30 for K-8 and $35 for HS.


Wall Ball Challenge

The Wall Ball Challenge is the best way for players to develop their skills and move to the next level.  Several boys have completed the challenge.  For more information please visit the Wall Ball Challenge page. 


Protective Equipment

All players must have protective equipment in order to participate.  For boys mandatory equipment includes Helmet. Shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, stick, mouth piece and cup.  For girls mandatory equipment includes protective goggles, stick and mouthpiece.

by posted 02/15/2019
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