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Q: Who can play for Bellbrook Lacrosse?

A: Boys in Kindergarten through 12th grade residing in the Bellbrook or Sugarcreek Township can play for Bellbrook Lacrosse. If you live outside of Bellbrook or Sugarcreek Township there is limited space on our teams for non – residents..

Q: Are there try-outs?

A: There are no tryouts within this organization at this time.  No prior lacrosse experience is required. Every eligible child is accepted into our program.

Q: What are the costs?

A: Registration costs vary by age. All players are required to be members of US Lacrosse which has annual dues of $25 for youth and $35 for High School.
K-2 registration is $50
3rd through 6th grade registration is $100
7th and 8th grade registration is $125
High School Registration is $150.
Equipment is the other cost involved in this sport. See below for more information about equipment.

Q:  What are team colors?  Do I need to have specific colors for equipment?

A:  Team Colors are Black, Purple and White.  High School players must have matching black helmets.  There are no other color requirements for equipment for any of the other teams.

Q: Is there contact?

A: Lacrosse is a contact sport. Focus at the younger ages is on skill development and more contact is allowed as the players get older.  Players are allowed to contact sticks as well as “check” or make contact above the waist within specified guidelines. 

Q: When is registration and when does the season begin/end?

A: Lacrosse is a spring sport, roughly March through May. Registration is open in October and stays open until the start of the season or until teams fill up. Team size is limited to 20 players.  Optional clinics begin indoors in early January. Outdoor practices will begin in late February/early March as weather permits.  Outdoor practice will be held provided the temperature outside is above 40 degrees and it is not reaning or snowing.   Regular season games will start mid-March and run thru May.

Q: When are games played?

A: Games for the K/2nd, 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade players are typically on Sunday.
Boys Middle school games are played on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights as well as occasionally on Saturday..
High School games are played on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Q: Where are practices held? Where are games played?

A: Practices will be held at Washington Mill Park. Home games will be played at Washington Mill Park.

Q: Is lacrosse played in inclement weather?

A: Yes. Games are played rain or shine as long as field conditions are determined to be acceptable according to the home team's field preservation guidelines.

Q: I want to help coach but I don't know enough about lacrosse. What options do I have?

A: No experience is required to help coach.  We have detailed practice plans in place for all levels and run coaching clinics during the winter for new and experienced coaches.

Q: Will there be travel involved for our lacrosse games?

A: Technically no, but many of the lacrosse clubs with whom we will play are in the Cincinnati area. You should expect approximately an hour drive to many away locations. With that said, there are clubs in Dayton, Lebanon and Springboro with whom we will try to schedule games.

Q.  I have registered my son and he has changed his mind about playing, what is the refund policy?

A.  Prior to December 31 full refunds will be provided for the upcoming Spring Season.

Q: What is U.S. Lacrosse?

A: US Lacrosse is the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. Membership in US Lacrosse provides league required insurance coverage for the players and coaches as well as other benefits. Their website is http://www.uslacrosse.org.

Q: What specific equipment is needed?

A: Players are responsible for providing their own equipment. Bellbrook Lacrosse does have a limited number of equipment sets available to rent for K-2 players.  K-2 equipment rental is $30 for the season and can be reserved during the registration process.  Boys must wear/use the following equipment at all practices and games:
  • Helmet – Lacrosse specific
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shoulder Pads – Lacrosse specific
  • Arm Pads – Lacrosse specific
  • Gloves – Lacrosse specific
  • Athletic cup and cup holder
  • Men's Lacrosse stick
  • Light weight cleats (football or soccer are fine). No steel or baseball cleats.
  • Goalies MUST wear a throat guard and can optionally wear shin guards, knee pads, and thigh pads.
  • (Optional) Rib guard/pads
Bellbrook Lacrosse buys equipment in bulk and passes the savings onto players for those who are interested in purchasing through the club.  Equipment is also available at a number of sporting goods stores in the area.  The attached link will generate a discount coupon good for use at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  http://app.dcsg.com/couponsheet/?s=60840

Q: Where do I get the uniform?

A: Bellbrook Lacrosse will provide game jerseys and shorts.  Jerseys are to be returned at the end of the season and players may keep their shorts.